Giants: The three big breeds

Continental giants are the most recently imported breed from Europe (the continent-sometimes specified as Spanish, German, British, by here in the US called “Continental” meaning anywhere from Europe). They are not yet recognized by ARBA as an American breed. They are known for their giants ears and outgoing personalities. This is Chester, one of my favorite Contis from german lines. He has grown since this picture! Was only around 8 months here.

Chester: Continental/German Giant

Flemish Giants have been in the US longer. They are a little more shy and their heads and ears are more elegant and proportional to their more mandolin shaped bodies. Here is Heather one of my oldest with her first love, Jagger.

Heather and Jagger: Flemish Giants

French Lops are a giant rabbit breed with lopped ears. They are very docile and don’t mind being snuggled. I just started with this breed and am already smitten. New litters are coming soon.

Bentley, French Lop Doe
Baby Bumble: French Lop Buck

Last summer, Lulu and I had a great time at Conti Con 6, the only Continental Giant show in the US.

Our homegrown, Virginia who is one of Irie and Saffire’s baby, won best Junior doe and Best of opposite sex in show.

Sweet Virginia

We had our first litter of French lops on Mother’s Day (5/8/2022) They are so sweet!! I’m smitten. See available tab for pics.

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