Bouncing baby blue Continental Giants (and one steel!)

Blue Chinchilla Doe

All 30 our rabbits (including the litter that is ready to rehome now) got their second dose of the RHDV2 vaccine today!

Because this disease is a relatively new threat in the US, many rabbit owners do not yet realize the importance of protecting their rabbits from RHDV2. At this time, the vaccine is hard to get. By next year, I hope for every bunny’s sake that it will be everywhere like rabies vaccines, but right now there are only four vets in Tennessee who offer it.

It is such a relief to know this deadly disease won’t ravage our warren this year since the vaccine is about 90% effective against the sudden death that is to often the first time rabbit owners have heard of this bunny pandemic. So far, I am the only breeder I know who has vaccinated their entire herd and is offering vaccinated, pedigreed, continental giants from highly sought out lines. I select for size and friendliness (and obviously, beauty).

When buying a vaccinated rabbit from Bees’ Needs, you can feel confident that you are bringing home a rabbit who is healthy and protected from RHDV2. We also begin litterbox training as we wean and handle each baby daily.

These are some of the 3 months old that are currently available. Now that everyone is vaccinated, I will work with transporters if you live out of state. Text me for more information. 865-363-3771

Steel Doe
Blue Steel Doe

Chocolate Chestnut breas… fall foodie harvest test kitchen

Saffire’s babies

Mom had mastitis due to a huge and sudden milk deluge, so these are bottle babies. Since she quit nursing them her swelling has gone down and she’s doing great. Still cleans them and loves on them but I keep them full so they don’t nurse.

Trying not to have a favorite but this agoutis awesome

They’re doing great. Opened their eyes yesterday. Feeding them makes me sleepy just like it did with my own babies. Email or text me if you’d like to be on my waitlist.