Saffire’s babies

Mom had mastitis due to a huge and sudden milk deluge, so these are bottle babies. Since she quit nursing them her swelling has gone down and she’s doing great. Still cleans them and loves on them but I keep them full so they don’t nurse.

Trying not to have a favorite but this agoutis awesome

They’re doing great. Opened their eyes yesterday. Feeding them makes me sleepy just like it did with my own babies. Email or text me if you’d like to be on my waitlist.

Harvest pastries

Cool weather is making me hungrier. The kitchen has been been emanating scents of apples, caramel, cinnamon and pumpkin spice non stop since our recent trip to the local apple orchard. It reminded me to tell you to start taking orders now for the holidays.

Again this year, I’ll be making some of our farmers’ market favorites like apple cinnamon rolls, caramel apple monkey bread, pumpkin rolls with cream cheese frosting and a variety of freeform scones (not the dry ones like big national retailer sell but the moist, fresh ones like you bought from me at the market). All of my creations are hand made with fresh ingredients you can pronounce that are locally sourced and baked to perfection.

Call to order yours today! Curbside delivery 865-363-3771