Harvest pastries

Cool weather is making me hungrier. The kitchen has been been emanating scents of apples, caramel, cinnamon and pumpkin spice non stop since our recent trip to the local apple orchard. It reminded me to tell you to start taking orders now for the holidays.

Again this year, I’ll be making some of our farmers’ market favorites like apple cinnamon rolls, caramel apple monkey bread, pumpkin rolls with cream cheese frosting and a variety of freeform scones (not the dry ones like big national retailer sell but the moist, fresh ones like you bought from me at the market). All of my creations are hand made with fresh ingredients you can pronounce that are locally sourced and baked to perfection.

Call to order yours today! Curbside delivery 865-363-3771

Bunny Love in the Time of Corona (and RHD)

As some of you know, humans populations are not the only ones currently being plagued. Rabbit populations worldwide are also being diminished by a nasty virus. It is important to prevent the spread of this virus by being cautious regarding the import and movement of rabbits throughout the country and world. This is why my baby giants, now go to the vet before going to new homes. The kits going to new homes now all got a vet signed certificate of health and kitten revolution as a preventative for ear mites and other external parasites. When you buy a rabbit from me, I want you to know it’s a happy, healthy and well cared for. Next week we’ll be breeding second generation Conti Giant French lops.

Flemish Giant baby 10 days 2018

Sleepy hoppers

The hemp is almost ready for harvest. The babies bunnies are going to their new homes. Another summer winds down as even the crickets sound tired of the heat.

Our latest litter of Continental Giant Rabbits born August 10th are just the sweetest litter yet. Not to dis our Flemish babies but I am so smitten with Continentals. They are so personable… so relatable. These guys had just eaten then went and got cozy.

More babies

Chamomiles’ babies are all sold and climbing out of the box to come nurse even when maybe she’d rather them not! It really gives insight into parenting. She clearly loves them sooooo but it is hard. She gets stressed trying to make sure they are all ok all the time. They are so cute with their little eyes open and jumping around though.

All the babies sold before everyone who wanted one got one. So I’m breeding Heather, Chamomile’s full sister, today! I’m still accepting deposits via paypal at mybeesneeds@gmail.com.

This is Heather and her babies from last spring.

Nursing Baby

Here are Chamomiles’ babes…