Hempity Hoppity

This is our second year growing hemp. We grew 45 plants last year and this year grew 70. It is looking great but not quite ready to harvest. Pics coming soon.

Will be adding kombucha, wine and beer to our hemp product line… Hempity Hoppity!

The cycle that starts with the bees who pollinate the plants and feeds the bunnies who fertilize the plants that feed the bees (and us) and help grow the hemp that is so good for so many things… medicinal, food based and industrial.

Sleepy hoppers

The hemp is almost ready for harvest. The babies bunnies are going to their new homes. Another summer winds down as even the crickets sound tired of the heat.

Our latest litter of Continental Giant Rabbits born August 10th are just the sweetest litter yet. Not to dis our Flemish babies but I am so smitten with Continentals. They are so personable… so relatable. These guys had just eaten then went and got cozy.

More babies

Chamomiles’ babies are all sold and climbing out of the box to come nurse even when maybe she’d rather them not! It really gives insight into parenting. She clearly loves them sooooo but it is hard. She gets stressed trying to make sure they are all ok all the time. They are so cute with their little eyes open and jumping around though.

All the babies sold before everyone who wanted one got one. So I’m breeding Heather, Chamomile’s full sister, today! I’m still accepting deposits via paypal at mybeesneeds@gmail.com.

This is Heather and her babies from last spring.

Nursing Baby

Here are Chamomiles’ babes…

Flemish Giants, anyone?

I hope everyone is having an excellent but sloshy slide in to Spring!!

I wasn’t planning to breed more Flemish Giant kits this year, but I have had a ton of inquiries the last two months!! Basically, if I can get enough guaranteed sales with a deposit of $50 (refundable only if breed is unsuccessful), then I’ll breed. However, gestation is 30 days then they need 6-8 weeks with mom. So, the earliest I’d be able to have any available would be mid May.
Let me know what you think. I’ve been hesitant because last Spring I ended up with 5 that I had a really hard time selling, not because anything was wrong with them… there just aren’t THAT many people looking for Flemish Giants and my does have litters of 12-13 every time. I hate to think of any of them ending up in shelters and I can’t keep them all and care for them in the way that I think they deserve.
I lucked out last time and one lady took all five and has turned out to be a wonderful bunny owner, but that may not happen every time.
In short…

I’m currently taking deposits for Flemish Giant kits. Deposits are $50. I will not breed unless I have 12 guaranteed buyers.

If you are interested, please send me an email via the contact page so we can make arrangements.


Springtime Bliss

Spent the morning off yesterday out in the fields picking honeysuckles and wild roses then cleaning them and making jelly.

It was awe inspiring to stand in the huge old bushes listening to the symphony of birds watching as honeysuckles fell in my hair or flittered to the ground while an overall small percentage made it into my grasp and bag. Abundance. More than I could ever hold. Plenty for mistakes and drops and spills and waste and bees and me.

I tried making half with sugar and half with honey. The sugar batch turned out great: golden with floral aromas and citrus, ginger notes.

The honey batch did not gel. So I think I will make it into apricot, honeysuckle margaritas and have a 5 de mayo party this weekend. Yes, I know it is a not really Mexican Independence Day, but what else can someone allergic to honey do with wild rose and honeysuckle syrup made with honey? FIESTA.

Generosity and abundance aplenty. Mistakes allowed and happily consumed.