Recent grads- found loving homes

3/4 Conti 1/4 Flemish

Moon and Charlie’s Litter

Doe D2
Agouti Doe

Chocolate Steel buck

Pearl’s Babies

Doe 2
Doe 3

4 responses to “Recent grads- found loving homes”

  1. Im interested in getting another Flemish for my daughter we had one when she was little and it passed and couple yrs ago, His name was magic. Do you have any available and what are your prices?

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    1. I have a Conti Flemish doe that’s 4 months old and vaccinated. She’s $200


  2. Looking for male flemish. Ours passed away months ago. Female needs companion. Do you have any available?

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    1. I have a Flemish Conti lop. He’s 3 months old and vaccinated. $200


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