Looking for loving new homes!

Only one white buck. $150, vet checked and ready to go to a loving new home.

I work with transporters leaving later this month.

4 responses to “Looking for loving new homes!”

  1. Elizabeth Tobin Avatar
    Elizabeth Tobin

    I have a Flemish Giant Lucy, would love to get her a friend. She is a indoor bun, potty trained is a such a love!


    1. Bees' Needs Dirty Arts Farm Avatar

      Hey! Sorry for the slow response! I still gave 2 bucks. Feel free to send me a text if you’re still interested. 865-363-3771 Laura


      1. Liz Tobin Avatar
        Liz Tobin

        Hi, not sure if my bunny lucy would get along with a buck?? Where are you located?? How old is he? I did get lucy fixed. Can you please send me a picture of them, can’t wait to hear back from you. Liz Tobin


  2. Bees' Needs Dirty Arts Farm Avatar

    Hey Liz, In my experience males and females are the most likely pairing to get along. You have to introduce them gradually to let them get used to each others’ scents for a few days… like with them separated, one in a cage etc.. then try letting them be out together but watch them and separate them if they get aggressive and try again later. Bunnies can be territorial too, so putting them both together in a new place initially to introduce them (like the backyard) can help because then neither feels like it is their territory to defend. Once they are used to each other, if they don’t fight then usually that means they won’t when you move them back to their normal spot. As you probably know they are happier when they have a bunny friend, so it is worth the transition period. The white buck is still available. Hope that helps you decide! Feel free to call or text me if you’d like more info. Best, Laura


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