Flemish Giants, anyone?

I hope everyone is having an excellent but sloshy slide in to Spring!!

I wasn’t planning to breed more Flemish Giant kits this year, but I have had a ton of inquiries the last two months!! Basically, if I can get enough guaranteed sales with a deposit of $50 (refundable only if breed is unsuccessful), then I’ll breed. However, gestation is 30 days then they need 6-8 weeks with mom. So, the earliest I’d be able to have any available would be mid May.
Let me know what you think. I’ve been hesitant because last Spring I ended up with 5 that I had a really hard time selling, not because anything was wrong with them… there just aren’t THAT many people looking for Flemish Giants and my does have litters of 12-13 every time. I hate to think of any of them ending up in shelters and I can’t keep them all and care for them in the way that I think they deserve.
I lucked out last time and one lady took all five and has turned out to be a wonderful bunny owner, but that may not happen every time.
In short…

I’m currently taking deposits for Flemish Giant kits. Deposits are $50. I will not breed unless I have 12 guaranteed buyers.

If you are interested, please send me an email via the contact page so we can make arrangements.


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